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Modular Data Acquisition System

Geotechnical laboratory
DSI is a modular data acquisition system designed to give a cost-effective solution to read distributed sensor in laboratories.

The whole system is composed by one or more smart data acquisition units, each able to read 4 or 8 analog channels.
These units are connected in a "acquisition network" by a single cable, that transports power supply, too, with great savings on cabling complexity and costs.

The RS485 based network is supervised by a PC, running a logging application. In the current software release up to 8 units can be simulaneously connected, allowing a conditioning and reading of an array of 64 sensors.

DSI unit

Every DSI unit has his own microprocessor, data acquisition hardware, and an analog signal conditioning card, factory configurable to read many different sensor families:AC and DC LVDTs, potentiometers, load cells, bridge pressure transducers, inductive or resistive sensors, or simple voltage or current signals.

oedometer lab

Standard software allows to control a single network, allows sensor calibration and data logging, and is especially designed for geotechnical uses: i.e. oedometer automation, shear boxes, triaxial cells.

Unit commands are sent with simple ASCII strings, allowing control by every software environment, in every programming language.

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